Saturday, March 7, 2009

Truth for Tuesday---Sharon Zechinelli

This week Truth Farmer will feature guest, activist and author extraordinaire, Sharon Zechinelli. Sharon has been fighting against the National Animal Identification System for years. Sharon has written a book entitled "First They Came for the Cows" which is available through her directly at, or through chronicling the events and discoveries made by "Maddie" as she unwound the web of deceit used to foist this program upon the public.

Sharon and Doreen have appeared together on a few radio shows and "Five Minutes with Jolley". Sharon has a wealth of information to share and is an engaging and dynamic guest. Join us at 1pm EST on Tuesday March 10th for another informative show on the NAIS and life in the sights of the opponents of freedom.

Click on the links below to hear Truth Farmer on Tuesday from 1pm EST to 3pm EST:

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